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Involve your Family & Friends to invest in you. They can buy your cards to help you getting access to a lot of products & services from our partners

When your familiy and friends buy cards, they can resell them on the marketplace. Each time your cards are exchanged, you earn KIKs

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...Our field agents will measure your performance

Save and follow your filmed stats, get highlights of your physical and technical performances

Your stats are used to increase your cards power and to help managers find the player who fits their teams needs

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Your cards are created when you get certified by our team

The more you win or perform, the more your cards get value

We create 115 Cards of you


Your family, fans and friends can buy and collect them and you earn KIKs each time they are resold on the marketplace

The 115th card is for your transfers

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... Participate in tournaments

Receive offers to participate in tournaments.

Get selected by MANAGERS to integer teams and earn KIKs if your team wins

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