• When you sign in as a Player, cards with your details are created.

    Friends can help you by buying cards.

    Friends become the new cards owners.

    You get paid each time your cards are sold on the marketplace.

    You can share your pernanent link with others

  • You must sign in as a Manager to get packs

    If you have enough PFTs, you can get packs containing 3 random cards

    If you have duplicate cards, you can sell them on the marketplace

  • You must sign in as a Manager to get cards

  • You must sign in as a Manager to put bids

    You must have enough PFTs

  • You can use the search form to find players

    You can choose between Swipe mode and table mode

    Once you have put cards in your portfolio, you can click on them to get to the player's page

    From the player's page, you can follow him if you are connected as a Manager

  • As a Manager, you can participate in a Tournament.

    When you are one of the 10 biggest PFTs investors in a team, you get access to its management

    Winning with your teams upgrade your global score