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In this game, you'll play the role of a team manager in the real-world setting where amateur and semi-professional footballers come together to compete in the country's most popular sport. Your aim is to lead your team to victory and win the coveted tournament trophy.

The game takes place in a vast stadium. Matches are filmed live and highlights replayed.

Your journey begins in the tournament city, where you assemble your team of players with your partner managers and embark on a quest to defeat the other teams vying for the trophy.

As you build your team, you'll need to manage resources, recruit new players and devise strategies to defeat your opponents. You'll also need to forge alliances and reach agreements with other managers to gain the upper hand.

But be warned, the road to victory won't be easy. You'll have to contend with fierce competition from rival teams who can hinder your progress. You'll need all your wits and cunning to outwit your rivals and claim victory.

Are you ready to embark on this adventure and lead your team to glory? Let the game begin!

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